About Us

Ms. Pala

Ms. Pala, Principal

Ms. Pala started in Knoxville CUSD 202 in 2021 when she relocated to Galesburg, Illinois. Prior to that she served the community of Woodstock, IL for 25 years as a junior high math, science, and language arts teacher, a junior high assistant principal, and an elementary principal. She graduated from Illinois State University with a Bachelor of Science in Education, Aurora University with a Masters in Educational Leadership, and is currently working towards her Doctoral degree at Aurora University. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her two adult children, many friends and family. Attending live music shows and spending time on the beach refills her bucket! "Ms. Pala is a skillful, conscientious, dedicated administrator who thoroughly understands how children learn. She has a wealth of experience working in buildings with students from a variety of cultural, linguistic, and socioeconomic backgrounds. She is an expert at leading by example and continuously works in support of students, parents and teachers."

Mrs. Godde

Mrs. Godde, Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Godde has been working for the Knoxville School District since September 18, 2001.  Besides her job, she loves spending time with her family, especially her four grandchildren, and traveling the world.  She has been to Japan, China, Cambodia, Burma, Tanzania, Mauritius, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, England and many other countries. She really enjoys learning about different cultures. "Mrs. Godde works diligently to serve the families, staff and students of Knoxville. She can juggle so many things at once and can often be heard singing a tune to herself at her desk. She is the first person that families come in contact with and she sets the tone for the building. We appreciate all she does and who she is!"

Pre K Team

PreK Team

Ms. Hinkle - Teacher for the Half Day Program (AM & PM)

Mrs. Petentler - Teacher for the Full Day Program

Mrs. VanUnnick - Paraprofessional for the Full Day Program

Ms. Machholz - Paraprofessional for the Full Day Program

Ms. Petlach - Paraprofessional for the Half Day Program

Welcome to Kindergarten

Kindergarten Team

Ms. Brown - Teacher, Mrs. Stearns - Paraprofessional & Recess Supervisor with Ms. Brown's Class

Mrs. Hageman - Teacher, Mrs. Vasquez - Paraprofessional & Recess Supervisor with Mrs. Hageman's Class

Mrs. Link - Teacher, Mrs. Jones - Paraprofessional & Recess Supervisor with Mrs. Link's Class

Mrs. Nixon - Teacher, Ms. Gilmour - Paraprofessional & Recess Supervisor with Mrs. Nixon's Class

First Grade

1st Grade Team

Ms. Davies - Teacher

Mrs. Luptak - Teacher

Ms. Meyers - Teacher

Mrs. Steele - Teacher

2nd Grade Squad

2nd Grade Team

Mrs. Cypert - Teacher

Mrs. Derham - Teacher

Mrs. Farrell - Teacher

Mrs. McClay - Teacher

3rd Grade

3rd Grade Team

Mrs. Keever - Teacher

Mrs. Magee - Teacher

Mrs. VanOpdorp - Teacher

Hello 4th Grade

4th Grade Team

Mrs. Bent - Teacher

Mrs. Nelson - Teacher

Ms. Pomazal - Teacher

Specials Team

Specials Team

Mrs. Fleisher - Librarian

Mrs. Lenz - Music Teacher

Mr. Maxwell - PE Teacher

Ms. Meadows - Art Teacher

Special Education

Special Education Team

Mrs. Hilman - Resource Teacher, Mrs. Goff - Special Education Paraprofessional

Ms. Meredith - Resource Teacher, Ms. Taylor - Special Education Paraprofessional

Ms. Smysor - EBD Teacher, Ms. Bishop & Ms. Redington - Special Education Paraprofessionals

Ms. Potter - Life Skills Teacher, Mrs. Coombs - Special Education Paraprofessional

Mrs. Ruetz - Speech

Mrs. Derham & Mrs. Secrist - Special Education Paraprofessionals

OT, PT, SW, Psychologist are provided through Knox Warren Special Education Cooperative


Intervention Team

Mrs. Myers - District Coordinator

Mr. Farquer - Interventionist

Mrs. Kirgan - Interventionist

Mrs. Ericson - Counselor

School Nurse

Health Services Team

Mrs. Kimball - District Nurse

Ms. Becker - Part-time Nurse


Paraprofessional Team

Ms. Case - Instructional Paraprofessional & Recess Supervisor

Mrs. Carnes - Instructional Paraprofessional & Recess Supervisor

Mrs. Sterr - Instructional Paraprofessional & Recess Supervisor

Mrs. Wenzel - Instructional Paraprofessional & Recess Supervisor

Ms. Mason - Office Aide & Lunch Supervisor

Mrs. Hoyle - Office Aide

School cafeteria

Kitchen Team

Mrs. Gibbs

Mrs. Asbury

Mrs. Crump


Custodial Team

Mrs. Hatch

Mr. Hatch

Mr. Kunkle