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WE ARE KNOXVILLE...educating all students to be productive, involved members of our society.

E-mail Issues

Over the last few days, we have been experiencing intermittent issues with outgoing e-mail. E-mails sent within our district (from one staff member to another) appear to be fine, but some outgoing e-mails have not made it out. The issue is intermittent, meaning some outgoing e-mails are received without a problem while others are returned to us as "undeliverable". What complicates the issue is that sometimes the messages . . . read more

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First Concert In The KHS Auditorium A Success!

The first event in the new KHS Auditorium was held on Tuesday, December 9 by the KJHS Band and 7th/8th Grade Chorus. It was a resounding success and provided a brand new venue for musical events. There was plenty of seating for everyone, the sound (both the music and the sounds system) were fantastic, and the environment made the event seem . . . read more

Have You Heard About Vision 20/20?

Have you heard about Vision 20/20? No, we're not talking about the same 20/20 vision your doctor talks about. We're talking about vision, but a vision for the future. A vision for the future of public education in Illinois. Vision 20/20 is an initiative that has been in the works for almost 2 years. It was initially started by . . . read more

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