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WE ARE KNOXVILLE...educating all students to be productive, involved members of our society.

Student Wellness

During the past few weeks, we have had an unusual increase in a few health-related conditions. These are conditions that we look for, and investigate when they arise. They are also conditions which we address immediately when we find them. Because we have had a few more cases than usual, we are seeking your assistance. Those conditions include: a few, isolated cases of head lice, one isolated case of scabies, . . .

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RED RIBBON - BULLYING PREVENTION WEEK 2016   October 24 - 27 is Red Ribbon Week along with Bullying Prevention Awareness Week.   Red Ribbon Week is our attempt to educate our students against negative behaviors and encourage positive choices. October is also Bullying Prevention Awareness Week where we want to educate, recognize and inspire our school to be a bully-free zone. Knoxville Jr. High . . .

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