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3rd Grade Common Core

Grade 3 Common Core

What Your Child Will Learn In Grade 3

Parent Previews by Grade:
Click on the links below the pictures for the Parent Previews in each quarter. Parent Previews outline objectives, vocabulary, and tasks that  you can do to support your student at home.

Quarter 1


Quarter 2


Quarter 3


Quarter 4


Q1: Algebra

Q1: Number

Q1: Statistics


Q2: Mult/Division

Q2: Fractions

Q2: Probability


Q3: Geometry

Quarter 3: Measurement


Q4: Mult/Division

Q4: Statistics



Vocabulary Resources
Online Math Dictionary
Multilingual Dictionary

Online Learning Links:


Place_Value_Pirates.png              Equivalent_ratios.png

      Place Value with Decimals                    Equivalent Ratios

 comparing_fractions.png         ordering_decimals3-4.png

Comparing fractions                         Ordering Decimals

Creating_numbers_3-4.png           Geicko_Fractions.png

       Making Numbers                                Equivalent Fractions

Decention.png            Long_Division.png

Fractions, Decimals, Percents                      Practice Division  


Estimate_Sums.png             Making_Change.png

Estimate Sums                                     Making Change

 adding_fractions.png               Number_Puzzles.png

Adding Fractions                                   Number Puzzles

interactive_number_line.png                Target_Number.png

    Interactive Number Line                            Target Number

 Place_Value_Blocks.png               Expanded_Form.png

          Place Value Blocks                Expanded Form (Click on teacher tools)

identifyfractions.png                   deepseadual.png

Identify Fractions                                Target Sum


           illuminationsequivalentfractions.png                       fractionmodelsilluminations.png

Equivalent Fraction Models                    Various Fraction Models


Algebra & Patterns

break_the_code.png                     algebraic_reasoning.png

Number Patterns                          Algebraic Reasoning

 Algebra_puzzle.png                     Quick_Math.png

Algebra Puzzle                              Missing Operations

Color_Pattern.png                      Skip_counting.png

         Complete the Pattern                            Skip Counting

 Number_Patterns_and_Rules.png                    Function_Table_3-4.png

   Number Patterns and Rules                     Function Table

panbalancedequations.png                      pbskidspatterns.png

Balance Equations                             Number Patterns

 topmarkssequencing.png                    topmarkssnowflake.png

Number Sequencing                         Number Sequencing


irregular_volume.png                    Ladybug_coordinate.png

                       Volume                                    Coordinate Grids

 Shape_Sorter.png                  Guess_the_Solid_Figure.png

                   Shape Sorter                      Guess the Solid Figure

Quadrilateral_Quest.png                       Dino_Dig.png

Quadrilateral Properties                 Dino Dig Coordinate Grid

 Transformation_Golf.png                     call_of_geometry.png

          Transformation Golf                            Quadrilaterals


perimeter_and_area.png                      Telling_time_to_the_minute.png

          Perimeter and Area                    Telling Time to the Minute

  Standard_and_Metric_Weight.png                       Measure_in_Inches.png

  Standard and Metric Weight                   Measure in Inches

Shodor_area_and_perimeter.png                          Equivalent_Measurements.png

         Perimeter and Area                         Equivalent Measurements

  Multiple_Measures.png                         Elapsed_Time.png

Multiple Measures                                    Elapsed Time


whats_the_chance.png                Create_a_Graph.png

Probability                            Create a Graph

   Adjustable_Spinner.png                     Marble_Madness.png

Probability with a Spinner                         Marble Probability

Theme_Park.png                       Trolls_Median.png

Reading a Graph                                   Find the Median

  Mode_and_Median_on_a_Line_Plot.png                       Median_Range_Mode.png

Median and Mode on a Line Plot           Median, Mode, and Range


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