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Grade 1 Number and Operation Base Ten

What Your Child Will Learn

  • Count to 120 starting at any number. Read and write numbers (Quarter 1 & 2)

  • Understand that the two-digits in a two-digit number represent tens and ones (Quarter 1)

  • Compare two-digit numbers using >, =, and <. (Quarter 1 & 2)

  • Add within 100. (Quarter 3 & 4)

  • Given a two-digit number, mentally find 10 more or less without counting (Quarter 3 & 4)

  • Subtract 10 from multiples of 10 (10-90). (Quarter 3 & 4)


  • Place Value: the value of the place of the digit in a number

  • Greater Than: (>) a symbol used to compare two numbers, with the greater number listed first. Example: 8 > 6

  • Equal to: (=) having the same value

  • Subtract: to find the difference when two groups are compared or to find out how many are left when items are taken away from a group

  • Digit: A symbol used to show a number

  • Less Than: (<) a symbol used to compare two numbers, with the lesser number given first. Example: 6 < 9

  • Add: To join together sets to find the total or sum

Activities At Home

  • Count objects such as jellybeans in a bowl, pennies in a jar, cheerios in a baggie, etc.
  • Find numbers in newspapers, magazines, or on items around the house.
  • Practice counting with your student while doing various activities-driving in the car, jumping rope, waiting in line at a store, etc.
  • Divide a deck of cards evenly between players. Each player flips over a card, the player with the highest card wins the cards. Continue until one player has all cards in the deck.
  • Put different items into groups and talk about which group has more or less items using the terms greater than and less than.
  • Roll dice and create numbers. Say what is 10 more or 10 less than that number.


Learning Links


Ten_Frame_Illuminations.png     PBS_Cyberchase_comparing_numbers.png

Ten Frames                        Compare Numbers


Mathline_Make_ten.png      illuminations_concentration.png

Make Combinations of Ten              Equivalent Numbers


 Place_Value_Blocks.png        Finding_numbers.png

       Place Value Blocks    Finding Numbers on a Hundreds Chart

PLace_value_1-2.png        even_and_odd.png

Place Value                            Even or Odd

Number_Puzzles.png                interactive_number_line.png

 Number Puzzles                        Interactive Number Line

Grouping_and_grazing.png                 Poodle_Weigh_In.png

Grouping in 5's and 10's                   Equal or Not Equal

Place Value Tens and Ones.png                   basetenblocksandruler.png

Tens and Ones                           Base Ten Blocks


Abacus.png                counter_square.png

Abacus: Tens and Ones                Hundred Chart

1st Grade Common Core

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