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Grade 2 Number and Operations (Base 10)

What your student will learn?

Understand that the three digits in a three-digit number represent hundreds, tens, and ones. (2.NBT.1)
Quarter 1
Count within 1000; skip-count by 5s, 10s, and 100s. (2.NBT.2)
Quarter 1
Read and write numbers to 1000 with numerals, number names, and expanded form (2.NBT.3)
Quarter 1
Compare two three-digit numbers using >, =, and <. (2.NBT.4)
Quarter 1
Fluently add and subtract within 100. (2.NBT.5)
Quarter 1 and 2
Add up to four two-digit numbers. (2.NBT.6)
Quarter 2
Add and subtract within 1000. (2.NBT.7)
Quarter 3 and 4
Mentally add or subtract 10 or 100 to a number 100-900. (2.NBT.8)
Quarter 1
Explain why addition and subtraction strategies work. (2.NBT.9)
Quarter 1, 2, 3, and 4


  • Skip Count: to count in equal increments by 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, or 10s
  • Expanded Form: a way of writing numbers to show place value (346=300+40+6)
  • Numeral: a symbol used to represent a number


Activities At Home

  • Skip count when counting groups of nickels and dimes.
  • Count in a pattern while doing a rhythmic or repeated task – stirring pancake batter, brushing hair, putting away groceries, walking.
  • Roll two dice to make a two digit number. Subtract it from 99 or 100.
  • Represent two digit numbers with popsicle sticks - make bundles of ten for the tens and use single sticks for the ones.
  • Roll dice to make two or three digit numbers with a partner. See who can make the larger number.
  • Add all of the digits of your house number together.
  • Compare prices of various items (gas, toys, etc) to find the lowest amount.
  • Make numbers or find numbers on labels and compare them.
  • Find or roll numbers and write them in expanded form.
  • Find or roll numbers and tell which place value each digit represents.

Learning Links

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Place Value Blocks
Make Combinations of Ten
Sum Sense
Even or Odd
Equal or Not Equal

Skip Count

Skip Counting

AddingSubtracting BaseTen.png
Adding and Subtracting with Base Ten Blocks

2nd Grade Common Core

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